We change the perspective.
We go to space.
Current on-ground solutions are limited by the Earth's atmosphere, obstructing a significant portion of the debris in low Earth orbit. On the other hand, satellite-based solutions can observe this region without any atmospheric interference, providing a complete picture of the debris environment.
Space Sebris Situation
The demonstration provided by ESA (European Space Agency) shows how space debris appears to increase in numbers visually depending on size and how densely populated the earth's orbits are.

Our solution

Our company's solution offers a unique approach to space debris detection through small and cost-effective satellites. Our satellites use active measurement techniques, allowing 24/7 space debris detection in all directions around them that is needed. All these, without relying on sun reflections or the weather here on earth.

That will improve accuracy and increase the coverage area, providing a more comprehensive view of the space debris environment.
Constellation of satellites through the eyes of the DALL-E
In addition to this, our solution offers several advantages over traditional on-ground debris detection methods. Our satellites provide a broader and more comprehensive view of the debris in Earth's orbit, without the limitations imposed by the Earth's atmosphere. They are equipped with advanced sensors and algorithms that allow for real-time monitoring and analysis of the debris, providing valuable information for effective debris removal strategies.

In summary, our solution provides a cost-effective, accurate, and comprehensive view of the space debris environment, bringing a range of benefits to the market, including improved safety, near real-time monitoring, and new market opportunities.
This is how DALL-E sees us.
But we are way smaller!
Benefits for the customer
Cost-effectiveness: Small and cost-effective satellites make our solution accessible to more customers, including commercial and governmental organisations.

Improved accuracy: With the planned constellation of satellites, our solution will provide an increasingly accurate view of the space debris environment.

Increased safety: By providing a comprehensive view of low orbits, our solution will reduce the risk of collisions between operational satellites and debris, ensuring the long-term sustainability of the space environment.

New market opportunities: Our solution opens up new market opportunities for the commercial and governmental sectors, including the development of debris removal strategies.

Image credits: NASA